Sony Reveals ‘Project Morpheus’ Virtual Reality Headset For PlayStation 4


At GDC 2014, Sony revealed their long rumored PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset, currently nicknamed “Project Morpheus”.  Sony Computer Entertainment’s Shuhei Yoshida says that PlayStation is always looking for ways to push boundaries on innovation, and “Morpheus” will seamlessly integrate the technologies of PlayStation Move and PlayStation camera. Yoshida says that Sony is revealing the headset at GDC because they want to gather feedback from developers.  The device will also use 3D audio technology that creates a “highly realistic audio environment within an immersive 360-degree virtual world”.

“The industry has grown by creating technological advancements for video game players,” Yoshida said. “Advancements that people maybe weren’t expecting or thought was possible. Virtual reality is the next innovation from PlayStation that will [shape] the future of games.”

Sony has not revealed a price or a release date yet since the hardware is still in a prototype stage.

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