Sega Loses Shenmue Trademark


For years, Shenmue fans have patiently waited for any news regarding the series, but here’s some news that nobody wants to hear.  The trademark for “Shenmue” was cancelled in the U.S. by the Patent and Trademark Office because Sega didn’t file an “acceptable declaration under section 8”. In other words, Sega lost the trademark because they didn’t bother to make any commercial use of it.  According to DualShockers, Section 8 of the Trademark Act requires a “sworn declaration on the continued use of a trademark or excusable nonuse”. Sega was required to provide this between the fifth and sixth years of the trademark’s life, and then again during the ninth and tenth.  Sega failed to protect the trademark the second time.

Source:  DualShockers, MCV UKUSPTO

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