Resident Evil Composer: I Hired Someone Else To Write My Music Since 1996

Mamoru Samuragochi

According to the Japan Times, Resident Evil music composer Mamoru Samuragochi admits to hiring someone else to write his music for almost twenty years.  Considered the Japanese Beethoven, he had become famous in Japan for his score “Hiroshima Symphony No 1” while gamers knew him best for his music in video games such as “Onimusha”.

Japanese broadcaster NHK aired a documentary about Samuragochi touring the Tohoku region which had been affected by a terrible tsunami. Samuragochi used the opportunity to come clean with NHK about his music career.  He explained that his ear condition became worse over the years, and he hired a mystery composer to write all his music since 1996.

“Through his lawyer, Mamoru Samuragochi confessed that he had asked another composer to create his iconic works,” said an NHK presenter.

Samuragochi says he is deeply sorry for betraying his fans and disappointing his loved ones. Nippon Columbia, the distributor of his CDs and DVDs, says they are infuriated by the composer’s revelation.

“We had been assured by him that he himself composed the works,” said Nippon Columbia in a statement.

Source: Eurogamer

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