Natsume: Nintendo Is Working On GBA VC Support For 3DS

Game Boy Advance GBA

In a Q&A session, Natsume Inc Community Manager, CeeCee, explained that Nintendo is still currently working on GBA support for the 3DS, and they can’t release GBA games on the eShop until Nintendo makes it possible. In other news, Natsume says they are aware of Nintendo’s recent announcement of bringing DS games to the Wii U’s virtual console, and they will be reviewing their DS catalogue for potential games to bring to the service.

Natsume explains, “No, Nintendo does not put recent console games on the 3DS eShop, and sadly that means we cannot either. The same goes with GBA (outside of the ambassador games) — though they’re working on this and we look forward to the day it’s possible. But until that day comes, we aren’t actively working on porting any specific GBA or GameCube games. We’re aware today that Nintendo has announced plans to launch DS games for the WiiU – it’s an exciting time, and we’ll be reviewing our DS catalogue for potential titles.”

Are there any Nintendo DS games that you would like to see from Natsume on the Wii U Virtual Console? Feel free to comment below.

Source: (via GoNintendo)

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