WayForward’s Cancelled Pictionary Game For Wii U


Recently, I came across the Linkedin Profile of Brian Valdillez, a gameplay engineer who currently works at WayForward Technologies.  There was something that had caught my eye on his LinkedIn profile. WayForward was working on a cancelled Wii U game called “Pictionary Universe” that was was either in development (or scheduled for release) in 2012. According to the LinkedIn profile, Pictionary Universe “implemented rudimentary functionality with recording and replay capabilities designed for uploading to Miiverse.”  The game is mentioned a second time underneath his “Body of Work”.

Google searches on this game didn’t bring up any results so I’m assuming that WayForward never made this game public. I can’t find this game being mentioned on any Nintendo enthusiast websites either. Could this have been an eShop or retail title?  One thing to keep in mind is that THQ had owned the rights to “Pictionary” back in 2011. WayForward had released a SpongeBob game for THQ’s uDraw GameTablet back in 2011.  After WayForward’s experience with uDraw, perhaps THQ thought WayForward would be a good fit for a drawing game on Wii U.

THQ released a Pictionary game for Wii (not Wii U) in the U.S. in 2010, but it was developed by PipeWorks Studios, not WayForward.

Here’s a snapshot of the Linkedin Profile below:

WayForward's Pictionary U

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  1. This game may have been a great party game, strange. Maybe they can make a picture telephone game. If you haven’t played it’s pretty much pictionary meets telephone.

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