Miyamoto Doesn’t Want A Major Role With Next Mario, Prefers Working On Smaller Games


In an interview with GameKult (translated by Dualshockers), Shigeru Miyamoto says he isn’t interested in having a major role with the next 3D Mario game. Instead, he would prefer working on smaller projects at this point of his career.

“Creating a game of the caliber of Super Mario 3D World takes a lot of energy and there is little chance that I could take the time to work on the next Mario. However, I want to get involved again and more deeply in the development of smaller projects, but that doesn’t mean it will be a modest download-only title or something like that. It is not impossible for me to work on a new game as the main producer in the future, but even when I’m not directly in charge of a project, I always look at what the teams does in terms of gameplay, and I trust them. Don’t worry about Mario!” said Miyamoto.

This isn’t the first time that Miyamoto said he would like to work on smaller games instead of big projects. You may remember he said something similar in a 2011 Wired interview.

Source: Gamekult, Dualshockers

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