Sony Doesn’t Want Nude Ellen Page Images Spreading Online

Ellen Page Beyond

Earlier this morning, Eskimo Press was asked by SCEE to remove nude images of Ellen Page that were taken from the game, “Beyond: Two Souls”. According to the website, the images were leaked from a “Beyond: Two Souls” review code that was running on a development kit (debug unit). says, “It seems as something serious is going down at Sony Computers’ headquarters. If a leak like this would happen in the film industry, you can almost count on legal actions to be taken. But in this instance Ellen Page is not really nude, it is just a graphic rendering of her body in the nude — very realistic, nonetheless.”

Cinemablend spoke to a Sony representative on the matter: “The images are from an illegally hacked console and is very damaging for Ellen Page. It’s not actually her body. I would really appreciate if you can take the story down to end the cycle of discussion around this,” said the representative.

This isn’t the first time that nudity has been present in a game developed by Quantic Dream. When “Heavy Rain” was released, nude models of the main character Madison leaked throughout the internet. The difference is that Ellen Page is a high profile celebrity instead of just some fictional character.

It’s not surprising that Sony would do damage control to prevent any future lawsuits from Ellen Page and her representatives.

Source: Eskimo Press  (Via Cinemablend)

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