Nintendo Says More Cross-Play Titles Are Coming From Indie Developers

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Nintendo representatives confirmed to VG24/7 that we can expect more cross-play titles from indie developers in the near future. Cross-play would allow players from Wii U, 3DS, and even non-Nintendo platforms to compete against each other. This seems like another step forward in the right direction as Nintendo aggressively seeks out indie developer support for the Wii U. It only makes sense since cross-play is a feature that Sony has currently been pushing with the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. It’s also strongly speculated that Microsoft wants to push cross-platform gameplay between Xbox One and Windows 8.

“We can confirm that cross-platform functionality is possible in certain titles that play on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, as well as other video game systems not made by Nintendo. We are committed to helping developers realise the full potential of their software on Nintendo systems,” a Nintendo representative told VG24/7 in a statement.

Nintendo also tells VG24/7 that you can expect cross-play capabilities from games such as Cubeman 2 from Three Sprockets, Pure Chess from Ripstone, and Disney Infinity from Disney Interactive studios.

“We can confirm that Disney Infinity from Disney Interactive Studios, Cubeman 2 from Three Sprockets and Pure Chess from Ripstone, all have the ability to play on Nintendo systems while at the same time communicating with consumers using those same games on other systems. Additional games using this functionality are in development,” said the Nintendo representative.

It wasn’t too long ago when Two Tribes almost got Valve and Nintendo to work together at one point. Two Tribes wanted gamers to be able to create levels on Wii or PC while logging into Steam and sharing them through a workshop. Unfortunately, these ideas never came to fruition, but it’s great to see Nintendo still pushing cross-play into a reality.

Source: VG24/7


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