Need For Speed Rivals Skipping Wii U Due to “Most Wanted” Sales

NFS Rivals

TheSixthAxis spoke to Creative Director Craig Sullivan about why “Need for Speed: Rivals” is not coming to the Wii U. “Rivals” is releasing on both next-gen and current-gen platforms, and many remember the Wii U version of “Need for Speed: Most Wanted” looking visually sharper than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. Unfortunately, Sullivan says the Wii U version of “Most Wanted” didn’t meet their sales expectations, and they prefer supporting platforms where their biggest audience is.

Sullivan says, “Honestly, it’s not the kind of stuff that I like talking about in detail, that much. We did a load of extra work on the Wii U version, and we had a lot of guys working on that stuff, you know? It didn’t really sell that many, in terms of the Wii U market. I would love for it to have, because we put so much effort into that, trust me. I’d love for it to be way bigger than it was, and the same for the Vita. [Rivals] is going onto new hardware, and you have to work out where you focus your efforts. The 200 people working on this game are only capable of making so much, and doing so many different versions of the game, so we had to go with where we think the biggest audience will be for the game, and that’s where we are.”

It’s also public knowledge that Frostbite 3, the engine used by Need for Speed Rivals, hasn’t been currently ported to the Wii U or PS Vita.

Source: TheSixthAxis

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