Wedbush Estimates: GTAV Doubles September NPD Software Sales, Wii U Sales Are Up 79 percent


According to Wedbush’s NPD estimates, console and handheld software sales should reach $910 million — up 83 percent year over year. The industry has Grand Theft Auto 5 to thank for the huge sales increase. The three biggest sellers for September are expected to be Grand Theft Auto 5, Fifa ’14, and NBA 2K14.

There is also some slightly good news for the Wii U. The company estimates that sales for Wii U are up 79 percent month-over-month with sales totaling 55,000 units sold. The sales improvement is due to a price cut on the deluxe set and the release of “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker” bundle.

Michael Pachter says sales for Xbox 360 (estimated 145,000 units) and PlayStation 3 (estimated 175,000 units) will be down in sales year-over-year. With the launch of next-gen consoles next month, it’s not surprising that this could impact sales of current-gen consoles.


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