‘Killzone’ developer has already begun work on new IP


Guerrilla Games is wrapping up development on PlayStation 4’s launch title “Killzone: Shadow Fall”, and it has already begun work on a brand new IP.

Eurogamer spoke with lead designer Eric Boltjes at EGX 2013 where he confirmed that development on a new project has already begun.

“I can be true about it, yes. That’s definitely what’s happening right now.  I can’t tell you what we’re thinking of but yes,” said Boltjes.  He continues, “So about three to four months before you ship, the designers sit down and think, what can we do for the next one.”

Guerrilla Games didn’t offer specifics on their next game, but they told Eurogamer that the studio is interested in exploring new types of games.

Source:  Eurogamer


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