Rockstar’s Dan Houser is interested in a Bully sequel


Most people will agree that “Bully” was one of the most unique games to come out of Rockstar Games, but the title “Bully” had evoked controversy from lawmakers, parents, and teachers everywhere.

“I thought, we thought that the word’s strong,” he said. “It’s a strong word, an emotive word. Maybe too emotive in some ways, but we were confident we were not making a game which you were a bully. You were equally not lilly white of course, but you were not a bully,” says Rockstar’s Dan Houser,  You were sort of standing up to a culture that encouraged bullying by being this tough kid that wasn’t sucked into that kind of world and was friends with some of the weaker kids, but by no means a saint.”

Most parents didn’t understand this, and they accused Rockstar of training kids to kill each other.

Fortunately for us, all of the controversy and bad press hasn’t completely killed Houser’s interest  in creating a Bully sequel.  Speaking with Polgyon, Houser said he has plenty of ideas for a sequel.

“I know I want to,” Houser said. “Well, hopefully, you never know. There’s a lot of directions I could go with that one, it’s funny.”

Source: Polygon

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