Eden Industries launches Kickstarter for “Citizens of Earth”

Citizen's of Earth

Vancouver developer Eden Industries has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a modern RPG called “Citizens of Earth”.

You player as the Vice President of the World who recruits normal citizens around the world such as a school teacher, baker, used car salesman, and even a yoga instructor.  According to the developer, the game combines the modern setting and humorous tones of Earthbound with the recruitment mechanics of role-playing games such as Pokemon and Suikoden.  The developer is made up of employees who worked on titles such as “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon”, “Guacamelee”, “SSX Tricky”, and “Super Mario Strikers”.

The Kickstarter campaign from Eden Industries has to reach a goal of $100,000 and it’s only currently at $7,639.  The goal needs to be funded by Sunday Oct 20, 8:47am EDT.

For those who prefer playing “Citizens of Earth” on consoles, here is a breakdown of the stretch goals to make that happen.

$160,000 for a Wii U port.  

$170,000 for a 3DS port.  

$250,000 for a PS4 port.  

$260,000 for a PS Vita port

Check out the screenshots below.  If you’re interested in what you see, check out their Kickstarter to read full details on how the Kickstarter money will help the game’s development.

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