Mutant Football League gets resurrected from the dead with a Kickstarter campaign

mutant football league

Do you remember the old Mutant Football/Hockey games from the Sega Genesis days?  Well, after celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Mutant sports series, the game’s designer Michael Mendheim is using the occasion  to resurrect the series with a reboot.  The reboot of Mutant Football League will pay homage to the Sega Genesis version and push the envelope with over-the-top violence and gross humor.  Michael Mendheim was the creator and lead designer for the original game, which was published by Electronic Arts in 1993, and was nominated for many awards.

Menheim told VentureBeat that the only way this game can be made is through crowdfunding because no major publisher would take a risk on a game like this.

“A major publisher wouldn’t allow us to poke fun at the things we want to make fun of,” said Menheim. “Let’s face it, Mutant Football League is going to be the opposite of what’s politically correct. It will go against the grain of all decent-minded American folk and be proud of it. We are going to have fun with all of it.”

The initial Kickstarter goal is a whopping $750,000, and that initial goal does not include consoles. The Xbox One stretch goal stands at $2 million while the PlayStation 4 stretch goal stands at $3 million.

If the game were successfully funded, the game would be released by the end of 2015.

You can read more about the Kickstarter here.

Source: VentureBeat

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