PS Vita TV announced

PS Vita TV

In a surprise announcement, Sony has announced PS Vita TV, a Vita set top device that connects to your television and can accept most physical Vita cards.  The device will be priced around 9,480 yen (equivalent to $100).  Sony will also be bundling the device with an 8GB memory card and white DualShock 3 controller for 14, 980 Yen (equivalent to $150).

The device can also play PS1 and PSP games, and it has capabilities to stream PS4 games through PS Vita TV on a television in another room.  PS Vita TV can connect to other PS Vitas via ad hoc mode, and there will be a future system software update that will patch in DualShock 4 support.

There has been speculation about where this move from Sony is in anticipation of Apple holding a media event Tuesday to talk about AppleTV and the new iPhone.

The device is expected to launch in Japan on November 14th, 2013.  Currently, there is no western release planned at this time.


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